Our 2017 Event

lads and dads toronto 2017

The Lads and Dads Tournament June 24, 2017. Click to see larger picture!

Lads and Dads Golf Ontario CanadaThe Lads and Dads trophy has been updated to reflect the Lads victory in 2017!

If you are unable to attend please support prostate cancer research with a donation!

April 2017
Dear Lads & Dads,
Yes with thoughts of another The Masters dancing in our heads our attention turns yet again to another Major, Lads & Dads #10, that will be held Saturday, JUNE 24, 2017 at The Duntroon Highlands Golf & Country Club ! In less than three months there will be a flash of plaid, pink hound- tooth and all manner of fashionable (?) golf attire unleashed on the Highlands of Duntroon!

If you are receiving this e-mail, you probably fall into one of these categories:
1. You are a past attendee in good standing from a past L&D event
2. You have not attended before but indicated that you were interested in the 2017 event
3. Your wife/girlfriend/partner/friend/Lad/Dad has entered you and this is a complete surprise!
4. You have been selected because of your golf abilities?
5. None of the above

The reason for this note is to ensure that you have the date JUNE 24, 2017 in your calendars starting at noon. We are at the same course, Duntroon Highlands for the sixth year…thank you Debbie and Norm! Please consider who else should be invited as we hope to move from 48 golfers last year to 52…maybe 80 next year!! Over time, we only need 3 of 4 Lads/Dads to invite one more pair….and we are there at 80! Remember the proceeds go to Prostate Cancer Canada.

We have a few improvements to share as a result of feedback:
1. It no longer rains in the Highlands this year (thank you Dave Devall)!
2. We have a much more robust website thanks to Ron Foreman and do visit and register interest (if it doesn’t work, wait longer!)
3. Thanks to the Simpson Family (thx Kirk) we will again have the ability to pay using VISA on line, as we did last year! The contribution this year is $140 (+$5 over last year)
4. We have will have a L&D invitation that Prostate Cancer has created for us, and I will share and you can send to other interested parties.
5. The Dads will have access to the range on June 24th and the Lads will be in the bar- no exceptions!
6. Yes, the Fashion contest is ON…see the attached photos and we are looking for an improvement!

Finally, my apologies for these communications all getting started later than usual. The Lank Family has had quite a year since the last Lads & Dads but we are back and looking forward another great event……because you make it so!

Look for further updates as the grass gets greener….and YES The Silver Bullet at Blue Mountain IS still open!

If you are unable to attend please support prostate cancer research with a donation!