Our 2019 Event

Thanks all who attended this year’s event and especially the five “lassies”! A special thanks to those who did not play but who supported us through record donations.

Now the final results with the first being a big congrats to the Lads/Lassies took this year trophy and Plaid Jacket (Jack you looked great and thanks for accepting on behalf of the L+L). The final score in case you missed it was 7.5 vs 5.5….a strong win and the record is now 5 wins Lads/Lassies vs 4 wins Dads at Duntroon!

This was our most successful year ever in support of Prostate Cancer Canada and we will net over $2,000 for the charity. We were delighted to meet and welcome Stuart Edmonds and Falyn Katz to the tournament on behalf of Prostate Cancer Canada. We had a record 52 golfers at the shot gun start. The weather could not have been more perfect and Dave Devall, even though you could not attend, you came through! We had very positive feedback on the food that was enjoyed by all (well done Tim and staff ).

  • Here are the tournament winners and details plus a few pictures are attached:
  • Winning TEAM – The Lads/Lassies earning the L&D Champion’s Trophy, and plaid jacket
  • Lowest score winning team – Kirk Simpson/Ken Foreman (72)
  • Lowest Score losing team – John Chisholm/Gary Wilson (77)
  • Closest to the pin #3 – Tom Raynor
  • Closest to the pin #13 – Ken Foreman
  • Long Drive Dads – Robert Wilson
  • Longest Drive Lad/Lassie – Stefan Pejic
  • Most honest golfers – Derek Aylward/Sue Hambley (109)
  • Judy Lank Memorial Fashion Award – Robert and David Wilson (Canada Day attire)
    (still looking for an appropriate trophy for the Fashion Contest)

Congrats to all the winners and thanks again to Norm, Debbie, Tony, Andrew and all the Duntroon staff, for all your help. A special thanks to the staff who helped judge the Fashion contest, always tough with so much talent!

Thanks as well to Peter Billing as our new CFO, Gerard Buckley for Sponsorships, Ron Foreman for the website, Dave Holt for heading up the rules committee, and Gary Wilson as Prize Captain aided by Adam Lank for presentations. Thanks to all the attendees who brought prizes. Thanks to the registration staff: Patti Hulme, Debra Leggatt and Harriet Freedman for making us all feel welcome!. Finally, a heartfelt thanks to the folks who did not play but donated on line to the L&D website for PCC….another record!

We hope to see you all next year for Lads, Dads & Lassies #13 on Saturday June 20, 2020 and our goal is to fill the course with 72 golfers. We need just 20 more players!

We plan to continue the local promotion of this tournament, through Collingwood Today and The Peak FM 95.1. Any ideas on how we can make this an even better event are always welcomed.

Have a great and safe summer and don’t miss a moment with family and friends. A special shout out to all the Grand Fathers….I could not resist!

Bob Lank

Please consider a donation to Prostate Cancer Canada!

PRESS RELEASE: Dads, lads, and the women who love them, invited to charity golf tournament

We were back at the Duntroon Highlands for the 8th year. Thank you Debbie and Norm!

Remember the proceeds go to Prostate Cancer Canada.



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Please consider a donation to Prostate Cancer Canada!