Our 2021 Event

The Lads and Dads 2021 Event Update

Dear Lads & Dads &Lassies,

Normally we would be talking about our tournament (originally rescheduled to June 2021). We have already skipped 2020 due to the Covid Pandemic and we wanted to give you an update.

As you know Covid positive cases continue to rise in Ontario and this is with the vaccine rollout underway. Consider…. The Masters was held but on a limited basis and in the USA. The Canadian Open has been moved to 2022 and The Tokyo Olympics will be held after a year delay, but without foreign visitors. After looking at several options for our tournament and having spoken to past L&D&L attendees, including Duntroon Staff, the Organizing Committee has decided to postpone our annual tournament (#13) to Saturday June 25, 2022, again at Duntroon Highlands.

The good news is that it gives the Dads more time to practice after our 2019 defeat, and by June 25, 2022, The Championship Plaid jacket should fit Jack like a glove!! We will share more details as things continue to develop and feel free to reach out any time with questions or comments.

Stay safe, get vaccinated when you can and keep an eye out for appropriate post-Covid golf attire!
Bob Lank
Lads, Dads & Lassies 2020
Golf Captain

Mark your calendars: JUNE 25, 2022, 12 noon, Shotgun at 1pm.
Please consider a donation to Prostate Cancer Canada at any time of year!

Lads and Dads Golf Ontario Canada

The Lads & Dads trophy has been updated to reflect the Lads and Lassies victory in 2019!

We are pleased to continue this event in 2022 in support of Prostate Cancer. All suggestions on how we can further improve this event are always welcomed.

Also, our Sponsorship Captain, Gerard Buckley, is pleased to hear of potential sponsors for this years event, and keep Gary Wilson up to date on any prizes you might have in the basement. Lastly, please consider who else would be interested in joining us in June 2022 at Duntroon Highlands and share the Web address.

We will be back at the Duntroon Highlands for the 9th year. Thank you Debbie and Norm!

Please consider who else you can invite as we hope to move from 52 golfers in 2019 to 72 in 2022! We only need 3 or 4 Lads and/or Dads to invite one more team, and we‘d be at 72!

Remember the proceeds go to Prostate Cancer.



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If you can’t make it this year please consider a donation to Prostate Cancer Canada!