This Father’s Day…It’s Your Turn to Look Out for Dad

by ladadmin on May 27, 2016

Dear Lads and Dads Supporter,

Dads look out for those they love – it’s one of the reasons we love them so much. Father’s Day is the perfect time to return the favour and look out for dads.

It’s why I hope you’ll give an unexpected gift this Father’s Day – a gift to drive breakthroughs in prostate cancer research.

1 in 8 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. That’s an estimated 24,000 men – most of them dads – this year alone.

We’ve made incredible strides – including a 40% reduction in mortality from this disease in the past 20 years, but dads still need us. They need better ways to diagnose the disease and more effective treatments that don’t harm their quality of life.

And, for all of the families who have lost someone to prostate cancer… they need hope for a day when all prostate cancer is beatable.

All of this, and more … it’s your gift to dads when you donate to Prostate Cancer Canada’s research efforts this Father’s Day.

You will be supporting cutting edge research that is changing the future of this disease.

The Canadian Prostate Cancer Genome Network (CPC-Gene) is just one of our amazing research endeavours. This program aims at nothing less than … cracking prostate cancer’s genetic code.

It’s an incredible international undertaking, and success will mean more effective personalized treatment based on an individual’s genetic information.

The results that just this one project offers could make a tremendous difference in our fight against prostate cancer. And yet, it’s only one of the exciting projects you’ll help to advance with your gift.

Dads look out for us – now, it’s our turn to look out for them.

Please, help build a better future for the special men in your life and send your life-saving gift of $50 … $100 … $150 … or more today!

Rocco Rossi
Prostate Cancer Cancer

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