With the US Open started, the next “Major” is only a week away….

by ladadmin on June 19, 2015

Dear Lads & Dads

With the US Open started, the next “Major” is only a week away…. the 8th Annual Lads & Dads Charity Golf event in aid of Prostate Cancer Canada.

I have again listed all those golfers confirmed below and Dads, can I ask that you share this note with your Lad in case I have missed an e-mail. It appears that we may make our goal of 50 golfers.

Just to repeat the details for 2015…….. (do have a look at the website https://ladsanddads.ca/our-2015-event/ and our thanks to Ron Foreman):

We will again have a shotgun start at 1pm Saturday June 27th. The registration desk will be open at noon and we will have the entire back deck facing the 18th hole to meet/greet and hear the rules. The Owners, Debbie and Norm Sampson, are pleased to welcome us back for our 4th year in a row at Duntroon and Chef Tim Knorr will be operating the “Highland Grill”!!

The 18 holes of golf, carts, driving range, swag, prizes, taxes, gourmet dinner and gratuities plus a donation to Prostate Cancer Canada will be $125 per golfer (last year $120) and please bring cheque or cash for registration. For directions have a look at http://www.duntroongolf.ca

The format (that resulted in the Dads winning!) will of course be the same as last year! Dads and Lads will play in the same foursome to allow for spirited conversation, but the scoring will be skins….. Lads vs Dads. More details before we tee off.

Thanks to Duntroon Highlands, there will be a hole-in-one prize of $10,000. This may be the year!!!!

YES, at the end there will again be a competition for the best dressed Lad & Dad. We will again have an impartial TEAM of judges (a la The Voice) comprised of the Duntroon Staff. Just to confirm, no Super Hero costumes and you must wear the attire for the entire golf round. We hear Plaid for Dad is the big theme this year at Prostate Cancer Canada – just a thought….!! We are pleased to welcome Rocco Rossi, CEO of Prostate Cancer Canada, who will be joining us for dinner after golf.

We need everyone to consider and bring prizes/swag that you might have for the awards table. If you have something can you let son Adam know so we have an idea of what’s coming. So far there seems to be a “Whisky theme”. Tom Rayner has again (Niblet last year) found a very valuable piece of sports memorabilia ….a pristine opening day Nov 3rd 1995, Raptor’s ticket vs The Nets in lucite. What a beauty and a great investment!:)!

Finally, I was asked how we seem to usually have such great weather? To ensure that this continues, Mark Wicken has invited Dave Devall (the very well-known and respected CTV weather man, now retired) to ensure that we have a fine day! Thanks in advance to Dave and his lucky kilt!!!

Jude (647 962 1210c) has asked me to share that any ladies who are up, are welcome to come to The Pond at 28 Green Briar Dr for potluck appetizers and desserts after 7pm. Those golfers who are not heading back to the city are welcome to join us for some “magic” at The Pond starting about 8:30pm when we are all back. Remember to be safe on the roads….you know how we worry!

Here is the list of confirmed attendees now guaranteed to Duntroon Highlands. Special recognition to Gary Wilson who has brought us 12 golfers this year!! We do have a few more who will confirm shortly, but this should be the largest Lads & Dads event yet! We welcome the Carota Family and know that Steve Carota has flown in from Melbourne Australia the day before to assist the Lads this year (Jason Day and Adam Scott had previous commitments)!
1. Bob Lank & Adam Lank- YES
2. Mark Wicken & Chris Wicken – YES
3. Gord Simpson & Kirk Simpson (plus Jack)- YES
4. Tom Rayner & Brendan Howe – YES
5. Peter Billing & Scott Billing – YES
6. Gules Carota and Steve Carota – YES
7. Bob Woodcock & Geoff Woodcock – YES
8. Vipin Bery and Anand Bery – YES
9. John Mollenhauer & Andrew Mollenhauer – YES
10. Ron Foreman and Ken Foreman – YES
11. Scott Sage and James Fukuhara (Ron) – YES
12. Lou Mele and Nick Mele (Ron) – YES
13. Andy Knox and Jeff Knox (Ron) – YES
14. Gary Wilson and Kevin Wilson – YES
15. Robert Wilson and Dave Wilson (Gary) – YES
16. John Chisholm and Clinton Smee (Gary) – YES
17. John Newman and Chad Newman (Gary) – YES
18. Bob Read and Robin Read – YES
19. Chris Ward & Mike Ward – YES
20. Dave Hambley and Rob Hambley – YES
21. Dave Duvall and Dave Suhadolc (Mark) YES
22. John Watson and Ben Watson (Chris) YES
23. Bill Plewes and Riley Plewes (Gary)
24. Doug Poores and Carl Renauld (Gary) YES

Roco Rossi – Prostate Cancer Canada (dinner only)
Steve Glithero –Scorekeeper and dinner
Bev Simpson and Mary Carota – Registration
Kathleen Lank and Jessica Carota – photography
Dave Devall – weather
Judy Lank – overall fun…shits&giggles

Finally, remember to “Wear Plaid for Dad” today (http://www.wearplaidfordad.ca/) and what a jacket Don Cherry is sporting on the website (inspired by our fashion contest says Rocco Rossi, CEO Prostate Cancer Canada)!!!

My cell is 416 574 3714 if there are questions.

p.s. Duntroon has offered a “warm-up round” of golf Friday for 1/3 off (about $50) for anyone interested. Just call them to arrange at 705 445 3554.

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